Old Souls Revival is essential indie Southern rock that proves that St. Louis is just as much a country city as it a rock city. Over the course of four years, three full length albums and a live split album, the barstool prophet words of Neil C. Luke, the intricate guitar stylings of Pete Somerville and the jazz punk drumming of Jeremy Reidy have provided the backbone for the group, along with the recent additions of guitarist Josiah Joyce and bassist Daniel Ficocelli. In taking no time in establishing themselves as one of the premier bands in St. Louis through hard work and determination, the band has earned the respect of many who they have shared a bill with. Formed in Edwardsville in 2012 with a craft perfected by many five hours sets in dive bars playing anything and everything they could think of, Old Souls Revival is a band that has taken lessons from music's past and has synthesized it into something wholly new yet familiar with songs coming across like a ride towards some distant sunset. With songs such as “Have You Seen the Moon Tonight”, which may be the sweetest love song to never say the word, along with rockers “How Much”, “I Will Let You In”, and “Ramblin' Again”, the band is armed with a heavy arsenal that conveys the world-weariness of those stuck with trying to make ends meet in a post-modern world that feels too much to throw in the towel just yet. Frontman Neil C. Luke says the what the band means to others and to themselves are best summed up in their song “Those Old Souls”: “It might not show/in their clothes/but they carry those/that ain't here no more.” It is this sentiment, carried on the back of others like Petty, Prine, Waits, Friction, and more that show the America seen through the eyes of the yearning Midwest. With current attentions drawn towards the creation of their third studio album, Old Souls Revival shows no signs of slowing down as they plan to tour this summer and continue to wow audiences with their skill, their

passion, and their intelligence


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Alive Magazine: 

"About four years ago, Neil C. Luke, frontman of local group Old Souls Revival, came across Pete Somerville during an open mic night at the Stagger Inn in Edwardsville, IL....... In 2013, the band recorded their first album, “Common Ground,” out of Bird Cloud Recording in Edwardsville, IL (run by a former member of So Many Dynamos, Ryan Wasoba). Reidy describes their early sound as “a more chill country sound with inspirations from the Wood Brothers.” It wasn’t until after the release of “Common Ground” that the group began feeding on the electric energy from their live performance and morphing their acoustic undertones into a louder rock ‘n’ roll feel. Having played a generous amount of live shows in the two years leading up to their most recent record, “I Will Let You In,” the Old Souls found themselves inspired by this newfound style while recording out of Sawhorse Studios in Dutchtown, St. Louis—which Luke describes as “one of the best studios in St. Louis.” “I would’ve never guessed that that’s what we went for,” says Luke about the new album, “We made a hard rock record, and I don’t really like hard rock, like I hate it.”"  - Cara Wegener



Riverfront Times

"Old Souls Revival Invites You to Party with Sophomore LP I Will Let You In" "Old Souls Revival is throwing a party, and you're invited. The rock quartet's sophomore LP, I Will Let You In, is even crafted in the image of an invitation to a kid's birthday celebration — all primary colors, bubble lettering, and Lisa Frank-style imagery. The album's winsome exterior belies some of the heaviness, both in performance and lyrics, which attends many of these songs. It's not a concept album, exactly, but singer, guitarist and lyricist Neil C. Luke spends much of the record examining relationships — with ex-lovers, with bandmates and with the music scene at large — and alternating between the scrappy outsider and the cautious introvert. " - Christian Schaeffer



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